February 2023 The 2023 school year has started The new school year started at the end of February with many re-examinations. The good news: all the students had probably studied diligently during the long winter holidays, so that they all passed the exams in the individual subjects and were able to be promoted to the next class. All preparations such as adjusting the school uniforms and distributing the many books and school materials are in full swing. In addition, a vaccination campaign against measles and rubella has already taken place. We are very happy that 122 children fill our school building with life again. 10 students from our last class of 10 are currently writing the exams for the central exam, which will last until the end of March. We are very excited to see how our first year, who started school in our kindergarten classes in 2010, will master the exams. Unfortunately, nine students left our school for various reasons such as moving or changing school. 15 children were newly admitted. The students are taught by 15 teachers in three kindergarten groups and grades 1-10. The teachers of the kindergarten children are supported by three helpers. The staff also includes our caretaker and another good soul who takes care of the milk and snack project. For many years, the students (thanks to a specific donation) have received a cup of milk and a small snack such as nuts, an egg or a piece of fruit. March/April 2023 Painting competition Under the motto "Every child is an artist" (Pablo Picasso) the painting competition started on March 31. Each grade had a different theme, which was put on paper creatively and with a lot of fun. Of course there were prizes for the winners after the evaluation. Foundation Day By the way, our students always have a day off from school on April 1st. Our school was officially opened in April 2010 with 2 kindergarten classes and 18 students. The students of the Lower Kindergarden group wrote their last paper of the Central Examination of Grade 10 at the end of March. The results will be announced on May 10. Easter Nepalese New Year On April 14, our students celebrated the Nepalese New Year 2070. In Darjeeling, most residents have Nepalese ancestors or immigrated from Nepal not long ago - as did many families in our school community. They often come from remote villages in Nepal and hope to find better working and living conditions in India. Immigration is possible without much effort. Our school principal often reports about the immigrant families, who are very reliable and full of optimism and attach great importance to a good school education for their children. Many of these children are supported at our school through sponsorship. At the celebration there was again a diverse program of dances, songs and poems, etc. A small (visible) award for grades 1-4. Students who score at least 90% on the weekly tests receive a balloon. Full of pride they carry this award home. May 2023 Handwriting competition The winners of the handwriting competition GREEN FRIDAY GREEN FRIDAY on May 26. One bin is kept on the way to our school and one is kept near school lab. Dance Competition To refine the dancing skills of the students, a Dance Competition was organized on 30. May 2023 in our school hall, with the theme "Step Up and Show Your Moves". The competition was held in three categories from Nursery to UKG , Class I to IV and from Class V to X. All the participants set the floor on fire with their amazing performances that showed their passion and hardwork. Judges for today's competition was none other than our co ordinater Miss Shanta and Miss Christina. Winners were selected from all the three categories.The judges congratulated the winners and appreciated the performances of all the children and also encouraged them to participate more in such competition to enhance their talents. June 2023 World Enviroment Day To mark the importance of nature and the  environment, World Environment is observed globally on June 5. The theme for World Environment Day 2023 was focus on solution to plastic pollution. This year St Anthony's celebrated World Environment Day with a special assembly conducted by class VII with the theme #SolutiontoPlastic pollution. The school had also organized a rally at around the neighborhood to raise awareness about environment conservation and keeping the environment clean and safe from pollution. Students from class  I to X participated in the rally. With the slogan "Say no to pollution, say yes to recycle " they caught the attention of the onlookers and spread the message of environmental preservation.The students carried banners and placards displaying slogans such as " Save and Love your planet" and  "Save Earth ! There is no planet B ". Students from Nursery to U.K.G planted saplings and cleaned the surrounding as a form of learning under the guidance of the teachers. It was an amazing and interesting activity where all the teachers, students participated in the program with full energy. August 2023 In August, the schoolyard was tidied up by the older pupils and the walls were cleared of moss. Independence Day took place on August 15. As every year, this was also celebrated at our school. To boost the students' self-confidence and encourage them to give public speeches, a speech competition was held on August 31 between the four mixed-age groups (red, green, blue and yellow houses). The students who presented won the hearts of the judges and the audience with their confidence, expression and talent. The red house won 1st prize. September 2023 Teacher's Day is celebrated in India on September 5. Our teachers were honored by the students with speeches and a cake. October 2023 A group trip to India took place at the beginning of October. Eleven association members and sponsors spent two weeks in India, including five days in Darjeeling, where our school was of course the main focus. The highlight was certainly the farewell party (farewell party for the second year of tenth graders). Since the beginning of the school year in March, teachers and students had been planning and rehearsing for the stage program of the Farewell Celebration. The audience (guests of honor, parents and students) were once again thrilled by the diverse performances on stage, including dance, singing, plays and poetry recitations. Whether Nepalese folk dance, Bollywood or Bavarian folk dance - diversity characterized the show of dance performances. And every child took part, from the smallest kindergarten children to Year 10, everyone had to master a performance on stage to give the graduates an unforgettable farewell party. At the end of the Farewell Ceremony, all graduating students gave a speech in which they briefly described their time at St. Anthony's School and thanked everyone who made it possible. For the first time, a model exhibition was held. Each class had to agree on a theme, decorate their classroom according to the theme and present their research findings using a model. For example, the kindergarten children dealt with the life cycle of a butterfly, there were projects on the water cycle, rainwater utilization, volcanic eruptions, etc. The guests from Germany acted as a jury to evaluate the presentations. They went from classroom to classroom and were amazed and delighted at the way in which the models were built and the pupils presented their knowledge. How could there be just one winner of the competition? Instead, all classes were declared winners. All pupils received pencils, erasers and sweets as prizes. We are happy that we were once again able to witness the commitment with which our teaching staff works to enable and motivate the pupils, most of whom come from disadvantaged families, to achieve such feats. We are confident that this year's Year 10 will also pass the central examinations, which will not take place until after the winter vacations in February, with flying colors. December 2023 The school year 2023 (it was the 14th school year) of St. Anthony's School in Darjeeling came to an end on Friday with a small Christmas party, certificate presentation and numerous honors. Jeewan from class 10, who has been at our school since his kindergarten days, reversed roles at the end: He honored all the teachers as a thank you for his good time at St. Anthony's School by presenting each teacher with a Kaddha (a scarf with lucky symbols). The tenth graders will use the winter break to prepare for the central exams in February/March 2024. In Darjeeling, it gets quite cold in winter with temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees (and no heating) and often the typical fog makes everything damp and clammy. Families who have relatives in the lowlands are drawn there, the other families hope for a few warming rays of sunshine, as they can often only make a small fire in a tin bucket in their corrugated iron huts to get a little warmth. We hope that all our students and their families will get through the winter in good health and return to school motivated in March 2024. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas season and a good start to a healthy and peaceful 2024.