February 2022 Finally back to school!!! On February 14th, 2022 the time had finally come. Our St. Anthony's School reopened the classrooms for grades 5 - 10 two years after the state government of West Bengal closed all schools due to corona (with only very short interruptions). On 02/15 it was then announced that the kindergarten children and the pupils of classes 1 - 4 could come back to school. Our 13 teachers, 3 helpers and our headmaster Rohit Pradhan greeted the students one after the other with a warm "Welcome back" and a small gift. The joy was huge. Let's hope that a bit of normality will return and that the school gate will remain open for a better future.  Normally, the school year doesn't start until the beginning of March, but everyone was waiting so excitedly for the okay to open that nobody wanted to wait any longer. We are very happy about the many photos and comments that show the joy of the students and parents and the commitment of the staff. The situation is still confusing and it is not yet clear how many students have moved and can no longer attend our school and how many children will be registered in the next few days. All preparations such as adjusting the school uniforms and distributing the many books and school materials are in full swing. In addition, the popular "Green Friday" (garbage collection campaign near the school) has already taken place and the "milk project" has started. For many years, the students (thanks to a specific donation) have received a cup of milk and a small snack such as nuts, an egg or a piece of fruit. The first monthly competition, the painting competition, is scheduled to start next week. Dance competition, singing competition, quiz, calligraphy competition, etc. will follow to the delight of children. In addition, the pupils should beautify their classroom as part of group work in order to be reintroduced to learning together and to immerse the school in bright colors. March 2022 "A Month Of Colours" To explore the creativity in the young minds of our children, a drawing competition was conducted with the theme "pandemic". The children showcased their creative skills in drawing and colouring and the result was an amazing art work. Students winning the first place were given gifts . The fun filled activity witnessed an enthusiastic participation by all the students. Porject to climate change Spring Spring spring is coming soon Grass is green and flowers bloom Birds are returning from the south Bees are buzzing all about, Leaves are budding everywhere Spring, spring is finally here! Spring is a rare opportunity to unwind and have fun. The school organised a spring fest for the students to enjoy the colours and sunshine. School spring fest lasted for a day, but the preparation for it was about a week. With this preparation the fest was so successful and memorable. The school yard was covered with full of colours and a lot of hustle bustle. An inter-class decoration competition was also held from classes V to X, so there were many kinds of themes, colours which showed the identity, uniqueness of all the participating classes. Due to this the classes seemed to have turned into a beautiful garden. Writing competition was also organised. Sharing their food with everyone the students enjoyed their lunch outside in the warm sun. They also enjoyed the music, dancing and singing along to the lyric of the songs. After a day with full of joy and laughter, we can back home with lots of memories. It was one of the most memorable day for each of us.