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January 2019 Successes in Taekwondo The school year starts on the 4th of March, but our students, who enjoy Taekwondo, also trained during the winter holidays with our dedicated sports teacher Suraj Chettri. A special surprise for our students has been a spontaneous organized hike with a picnic as lunch. February 2019 Darjeeling - Queen of the hills - wakes up from her winter hibernation Winter in Darjeeling: That means cold, fog and this year there was even snow and in mid-February again a strong storm with hailstorm. I experienced the cold myself one time at the end of February and sat with jacket and cap in the kitchen of our Headmaster and spooned hot soup. Central heating is not existing; who can afford, has a small gas stove. How can it be endured only in the shanties of our families, who may probably only make a fire in their hotplate or in a metal bucket to warm themselves up a bit. Therefore, many families spend the cold winter months in the lowlands with relatives - if they have the opportunity. However, some people also pack their few things and look for another city where they may find work. New school registrations are running, books are ordered and sorted, the tailor is busy making school uniforms, etc. Our headmaster Rohit Pradhan (Andy) organized the construction of  a new classroom during the winter months. The new school furniture has been ordered and "tested" by the daughter of our school principal. We hope that all our students will be back in Darjeeling at the latest on the 4th of March for the first day of school and will be able to learn, play and take a next step towards a better future at our St. Anthony's School. March 2019 We started our year with a very effective and fruitful parent teacher meeting in a very different way as usual because we had a special motivating speaker among us Mrs Sandhya Rani Gurung a well known principal of junior BT college who gave us her precious time from her busy schedule just to let our parents be aware of the ways and means to handle and nourish our children for their better future.Her way of addressing the parents to be the perfect ones was just awesome.We hope the influential speech or we could say the way to mould our children the way she addressed will surely be of a big help for the parents and for the St.Anthony's family.We'll surely work out the way she has told us to do for our bright upcoming future of our country.We'll make sure to give our students the right path and the bestest future ahead. On 28th March 2019, students of classes 5,6 & 7 along with their teachers were taken to an educational trip to Llyod's Botanic Garden. After assembling at school, we started at 8:30,the weather was favourable.It was a pleasant day with cloudless blue sky and gleaming Sun.The garden was full of blooming buds and beautiful exotic flowers.The students were asked to jot down the scientific as well as the local names of the plants that were there. The garden has been divided into three sections; first,the upper section,the middle section and lastly,the lower section. The upper section consists of the various indigenous Himalayan plantations.It was full of flora from Darjeeling and Sikkim.This section had common flowers like Rhododendrons,Magnolia etc. since it is the spring season these flowers were on full bloom.The sight was enchanting. The middle section had a forest of fern and confer trees along with alpine trees.There was a Conservatory House as well displaying the various species of Cactus.The lower section is full of colourful,exotic plants that have been brought from countries across the world. After the excursion, we all sat on the grass had lunch and lounged around.The mid day Sun was high up,with flowers of different hues shiny emerald green leaves swaying in the rythmn of the breeze;children chasing each other,some sitting under the tree and laughing.The mild buzz of the bees,the sweet fragrance of flowers and grasses, the woody smell of the trees enveloped the whole atmosphere.It was a sight to behold. Away from the hectic and chaotic life, away from all the miseries,just sitting there and absorbing the peacefulness and serenity that surrounded us. An educational excursion is a creative way of making the children understand and learn as well. Hand Writing Competition April 2019 Z Our classes June 2019 Students visit the library Environmental week At the beginning of June environmental week took place in the whole district of Darjeeling. August 2019 Independence Day September 2019 Teacher´s Day November 2019  Children´s Day Summary of the year 2019
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December 2019 The exam is done! The successful school year 2019 ended at the beginning of December with a large school year closing celebration and the certificate issue.