January 2018 Success in Taekwondo During the winter holidays, our sports teacher gave his time to train our talented taekwondo students. This was very generous of him, as most people in Darjeeling spend the winter with their families in the lowlands until the new school year begins on the 5 th   of March. From January 20 th  to 21 st , some of our pupils took part in an international taekwondo tournament in Phuensholing, Bhutan. Two girls and four boys from the school competed in the tournament, and they returned to Darjeeling with 6 medals. Deepesh (3 rd   class) won bronze, Jeewan (4 th  class) and Purna (5 th  class) both won silver, and Sherap (4 th  class), Ankita and Shrada (5 th  class) won gold medals. The girls’ competitions were especially thrilling. Shrada won the semi-final by six points against a girl from Delhi, and then prevailed in the final against her opponent from Bhutan. Ankita won her semi-final against a girl from Bangladesh and won the final in a tiebreak against a competitor from Nepal. The girls were delighted to be presented with medals and tracksuits by a minister from West Bengal.  February 2018 Preparations for the new school year Winter in Darjeeling usually brings cold, fog and sometimes rain. Although temperatures seldom fall below zero, it still feels freezing due to the humidity in the air. One day towards the end of February, I was sitting in the school director’s kitchen wearing a scarf and woolly hat and eating a bowl of hot soup, and I could still feel the freezing cold. There is no central heating in the houses, and only wealthy people can afford a small gas oven to heat their homes. Many of the families who have children attending our school live in corrugated iron shelters, with only a fire in their cooking place or in a tin can to heat their homes. Some families spend winter time in the lowlands if they can, and some are forced to move in search of a temporary job. More and more people return to Darjeeling in February as the winter comes to an end. Preparations for the new year begin in our school. New registrations are in progress, new books are ordered and sorted, and the tailor is busy making new school uniforms. During the winter months, our school director Rohit Pradhan (Andy) organized the building of 5 new girls and boys bathrooms and a new classroom. Hopefully this work will be finished before the school year begins. Unfortunately, one of our committed teachers will be leaving us this year. She is moving to Mumbai with her husband, who has found a job there. Thankfully, we have a very skilled teacher returning from maternity leave to take her place. Our school director will have the difficult job of finding a new teacher at short notice for this new class. We look forward to all our pupils returning to Darjeeling to start the new school year on the 5 th  of March. March 2018 Finally  school again in Darjeeling (India)                                                                                 On March 5th our St. Anthony's School opened after the long winter break. But what happened in the winter holidays in the matter of Taekwondo, we must point out here again. Two schoolgirls won gold medals in an international competition - an incredible success. They were specially honored at the morning meeting. The students of class 6 could finally enter their new classroom, which was completed in the wintertime in addition to 10 new toilets. Tiger Hill 10-km-Tour to Tiger Hill  A special highlight for the students of the class 4 - 6 was a spontaneous excursion to Tiger Hill. Our sports instructor Suraj Chettri went on a hike to Tiger Hill. In clear weather you can even see the Mount Everest from there. On the way the group stopped at the river, where even some courageous students enjoyed a short cooling off. After the 10 km hike the group drove back to Darjeeling with group taxis. The photos show how much fun our students had in bright sunshine. Our new techer Mrs Sherpa April 2018 Grandparents-Day June 2018 forward